About the Artist

Everett Kennedy Brown is a native of Washington D.C., and has lived
in Japan since 1988. He is a leading authority on Japanese deep
culture, and the author of many influential books and articles in
Japanese, including Oretachi no Nippon(1999), Nihon Ryoku(2010),
Ushinaware-yuku Nippon(2018), Nihon no Sebone (2020) and
Kyotoha no Idenshi (2020). His photographic books include, Ganguro
Girls (2001), Japanese Samurai Fashion (2017), and Archaic Future
Everett's photographic art projects are exhibited regularly
at international museums and galleries, and have been
presented at two Davos meetings. His collotype prints are in
numerous international museums and private collections and in
2013 he was awarded the Japanese Government's Bunkacho Chokan
Hyosho, for international dissemination of Japanese culture
through his unique photographic work, writings and lecture
Everett is the former Japan Bureau Chief of European Pressphoto
Agency (EPA) and founder of the organic farm and sustainable living
center, Brownsfield. At present he is a visiting lecturer at Tokyo
University's Rocket and Space programs for young people with
exceptional talents.
Since 1999 he has been an advisor to various government agencies,
including the Prime Minister's Office, Cultural Affair's Agency and
Kyoto Prefectural Government. He coined Japan's national tourism
slogan: Japan Endless Discovery.
As a ranking priest in the Haguro sect of yamabushi mountain
ascetics, he is recognized as a skilled performer of the ancient triton
shell horn. A sought-after speaker on both Japanese culture and
aesthetic theory, Everett is frequently featured in major media,
including CNN Style, NHK television, French GEO, Kateigaho
International, Forbes, Newsweek Japan and other publications.
He resides in Kyoto's oldest dairy farm where he grows
cilantro, mint, and various heirloom varieties of basil.