Tokyo Curiosity: One Hundred Photographers Vision of Japan
20 October 20 - November 12, 2020
Bunkamura Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Foretold: Stories that draped the body
An international collective art project
25 September to November 15, 2020
The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece

先祖返りの国へ July, 2020
New Publication (In Japanese)
先祖返りの国へ book publication(Kobunsha publishers), Japan
Dialogues and photographs by Everett Kennedy Brown on Japan’s somatic wisdom traditions.
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京都派の遺伝子」(Tankosha publishers), Japan Essays and photographs by Everett Kennedy Brown featuring the leading international artists working in Kyoto. The book explores the role of Kyoto as a city of the arts during its 1,200 year history and its role of as an arts center in the 21st century.
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Everett Kennedy Brown

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